The Partymaster game is a simple and fun board game. It can be played in teams or as single players. The game consists of six pieces, where every single piece symbolizes a personality of the Partymaster Family.

If you are more than five people playing the game, we recommend that you team up. In this way, everyone has a chance of being a part of the experience.
There is a challenge card inside the game box, and with that, everything will be explained for you. It only takes a couple of minutes to read this card through, and understand the game. So the game is very simple and easy to learn.
The average time of a game varies from 30mins to several hours. It depends on how creative and willingly you are to be integrated in the game experience.


It´s perfect as a kickstarter for any party you´ll be attending or throwing.

Battle your friends

Partymaster is the perfect game to challenge your mates in your secret mastery of stacking beer cans.

An icebreaker

A great way to meet new people, future friends and have a great time.


The game consists of 15 different challenges which will test you in how creative and willingly you are to be a real participant of the game. The challenges can vary from simple drinking to challenges that tests your physical and mental abilities. Beneath you will see some examples:

1. Pinnochio/nun

Tell a true or false story about yourself. When the story ends the other players have to guess if your story is true or false.

2. The Battle

Challenge an opponent and state the odds. You make up the battle, so be creative!

3. Give a Pitch

Sing or hum a song of your choice. After 10 seconds, you will point to an opponent who then has to continue the song for 10 seconds (the song can´t stop).

4. Pukemaster

You´ve landed on the Pukemaster spot and have to down your drink. You now have to take a sip each time any other player drinks.


The Partymaster family is a crazy mix of all different kind of personalities. But it´s a mix of personalities that fits perfect together. The two college girls, The Bimbo and The Girl Next Door are the typical opposites of each other, personality wise. Then we have The Beef, The Hipster, The Skater and in the end, The Pukemaster, which is a generalization of the different “guy personalities” you can meet. It’s a group of people who live the college life like everyone else, but when it’s time to party, they are the center of attention.

Maybe you will recognize yourself in one or more of these personalities, and that will integrate you more in the game. So now you can make your own story with The Partymaster Game, like the Partymaster family has made theirs!