The Partymaster game is a simple and fun board game. It can be played in teams or as single players. The game consists of six pieces, where every single piece symbolizes a personality of the Partymaster Family.

If you are more than five people playing the game, we recommend that you team up. In this way, everyone has a chance of being a part of the experience.
There is a challenge card inside the game box, and with that, everything will be explained for you. It only takes a couple of minutes to read this card through, and understand the game. So the game is very simple and easy to learn.
The average time of a game varies from 30mins to several hours. It depends on how creative and willingly you are to be integrated in the game experience.


It´s perfect as a kickstarter for any party you´ll be attending or throwing.

Battle your friends

Partymaster is the perfect game to challenge your mates in your secret mastery of stacking beer cans.

An icebreaker

A great way to meet new people, future friends and have a great time.